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Urofertility is an integrated Healthcare provider in Urology, Andrology and Fertility Treatments.

Over the years now, we have been working successfully and efficiently in providing the overall support to men and women of all ages who are struggling with a wide variety of bladder and reproductive Issues.

Our specialists are board-certified in Urology and Reproductive medicine with years of experience and proven expertise in the field. We strive to gather the best of their expert advice and opinion to provide quality healthcare services to the patients who look for advanced Urology and Andrology treatments.

As per many studies, the surgeons who perform complex operations frequently have better results and because of our high volume and expertise in Urology surgeries from infants to adults, our results for all types of Urology cases are among the very best. We appropriately counsel and educate our patients so that they can make an informed decision as to the best treatment based on their condition and preferences. We strive to serve the needs of our patients both with ease of information online and offline at the hospital focusing on the highest quality of care and transparency in bills.

What makes us different from others in the field?

  • Since we are dedicated to Urinary and Fertility Treatments, patients travel from across India and around the world to benefit from our commitment and proven expertise.
  • We have an internationally trained and experienced team of experts with formal training in Urology and Reproductive medicine.
  • We provide quality care at almost 30% lesser cost than the other big corporates in the region
  • Our results for all types of cases are among the very best matching with international quality and highest standards of ethics.
  • Our patients have ranged from more than 34 countries across the globe.
  • We encourage our patients to come for a follow up after the surgery for a better clinical outcomes.
  • Known for an accurate diagnosis and evidence-based treatment.

Our Key Features

Erectile Dysfunction

Have achieved success in managing erectile dysfunction cases upto 77 years old successfully.

Male Infertility

Have helped azoospermic Men to father their own biological child with Microsurgical TESE.

Urethral Stricture

Have achieved success in multiple times failed urethroplasty cases.


Have shown excellent results in hypospadias cases with most severe degree ensuring normal sexual life & fertility of the patient.

Our Milestones

Satisfied Patients
Success Rate
Clinical Experience In Years
Managed Cases From Countries

What Our Patients Say

Talib, Jordan

I was suffering from Erectile dysfunction for the past 4 years, it was bothering me a lot so consulted many doctors. I went to China, States then I came to know about MTC India, they provide the Andrology treatment with a scientific approach.

I came to Delhi, their care manager Shivani had been very helpful in providing me all the information I needed to come to Delhi. I am really very thankful to them for letting me get rid of my problem.

Thank you

Joseph, Kenya

Thank you so so much for all the help and going into details and even beyond for us - we are very very grateful!

We shall always appreciate each and everything you did for us.


Antony, Kenya

I had the prostate enlargement issue and I was being treated at many places in my hometown Kenya but could not get the proper relief. I came to Delhi, India for advanced treatment, I underwent Laser Prostate Surgery and I am much much better now in a matter of hours.

I would like to Thankyou the MTC India team to assist me with all the required information, Visa assistance, airport pickup.

I would like to highly recommend MTC India for any Urology treatment, they are truly professional.

A big Thank you

Mr. And Mrs. Maiyo, Kenya

We are writing this from my hometown. We are thankful to you. I and my wife are getting so well.

We really appreciate the support you gave us in India. When are you coming to Kenya? We want to reciprocate your kindness!

Thank You!!
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