Frequently Asked Questions on Hypospadias

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hypospadias

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hypospadias


We know you’ve got a wide range of questions about hypospadias. So here are the frequently asked questions that will give a custom and personal solution to your queries. 

Is hypospadias common in infants?2020-08-29T11:43:24+00:00

Yes! Hypospadias is a common problem in young boys. According to the latest research, it has been estimated that about 1 out of every 200 babies suffer from hypospadias. 

Is hypospadias hereditary?2020-08-29T11:43:55+00:00

Hypospadias caused by hereditary is still very ambiguous. However, it has seen increased chances of having hypospadias if a male in the family has suffered from it. You will be at an increased rate of risk of developing hypospadias as genetic factors do play a significant role in the development of hypospadias.

Does Hypospadias affect the size of the penis?2020-08-29T11:44:22+00:00

The severity of hypospadias and endocrinological problems can affect the size of the penis after puberty in men. It’s been found that stretched penile length in men whose suffering from severe hypospadias to be shorter

How can you prevent hypospadias?2020-08-29T11:44:43+00:00

Hypospadias are very less likely to be prevented. Though you can limit some of its risk factors like avoiding exposure to estrogen and endocrine disruptors such as dioxin, DDT, PCBs, and others.

Can a baby with hypospadias be circumcised?2020-08-29T11:45:19+00:00

No! It’s highly recommended to not circumcise boys at birth. The extra tissue in the foreskin is used to repair the hypospadias in the surgical operation hence cutting it off would only cause more problems.

Can hypospadias correct itself?2020-08-29T11:45:39+00:00

Hypospadias is a medical condition that would need treatment for fixing it. You can not grow out of it. Though there are chances for it to be corrected by itself it’s only if you have mild hypospadias, others would need surgery. 

Can hypospadias cause infertility?2020-08-29T11:45:59+00:00

Hypospadias doesn’t directly cause infertility problems. However, men with severe hypospadias would experience various problems with their testes which might make them infertile.

How important it is to correct distal hypospadias?2020-08-29T11:46:47+00:00

It is quite a common query from parents about the need for correcting mild forms of hypospadias. We can never be sure about the problems a child can face in the future hence ignoring in its earlier stage can cause problems. Hence irrespective of the severity of the condition, correction of hypospadias is highly recommended by surgeons.

Here are some of the most prevalent condition that’ll arrive if it’s not corrected earlier:

  • About 15 out of 100 boys with hypospadias will have their penis that’s curved downward. Which will turn severe when he will be an adult that will eventually interfere with him having an effective erection?
  •  In situations where the meatus is present at a normal place, it can also be deformed. The shape of meatus can vary from being small to large. Many times, there’s a web of skin accumulation beyond the meatus. These issues can cause interference with urination. Boys will experience urine coming out of two different holes or from downward. Many will sit to void which will only lead to immense discomfort and irritations in the penile tissue. Here the penis will work normally, but these conditions will cause embarrassment and annoyance.  
  • A partially formed foreskin will appear abnormal to many, exposing various parts of the penile. It brings a lot of attention to the abnormal condition which leads to lower self-esteem in boys suffering from hypospadias. 

Urologists around the world insist on correcting even the minor forms of hypospadias. It often leads to greater benefits than the chances of increased risk in the future.  

What type of anaesthesia is used in Hypospadias? Is it safe to use it on infants?2020-08-29T11:47:09+00:00

Hypospadias treatments are done under the use of anaesthesia. Many surgeons also use nerve blocks near the penis or in the back to lessen the pain & discomfort while performing the surgery. Yes, surgeons use the best form of anaesthesia that is safe for infants which are given by anesthesiologists who specialize in children treatment. 

What to do after the surgical operations?2020-08-29T11:47:24+00:00

There’s very less care needed to post the treatment of hypospadias in infants. The surgeons might use different types of bandages or maybe not any of it depending on the penile situation of the child. The surgeons will give you the instruction for activities like taking care of the wound and while bathing. 

In cases of a catheter, it can be left to drain into diapers. Diapers are often changed as usual. If your child is older, the catheter would be attached to a bag which your healthcare would teach you on how to clear it. 

How long does it take to heal completely from hypospadias?2020-08-29T11:47:45+00:00

After the treatment of hypospadias, the healing process starts immediately from day one. But the healing process is slow and takes months to heal entirely. You’ll notice swelling and brushing in the initial stage but it will improve within a few weeks. The foreskin of the penis heals in a way which seems like an unsightly ruffle. There would be complications in the healing period and the ways would look abnormal. But don’t switch to any other surgery for at least 6 months, which is enough time to let any tissue heal. Though it’s completely assured that minute problems would resolve with time so there are fewer chances of any problem. 

Would there be any change in the diet of the kid post-surgery?2020-08-29T11:48:12+00:00

There wouldn’t be any major change in the food your child consumes at his age. However, you can do small-scale moderation in his food, like feeding him frequently less liquid-based food, for eg, juice, soda, & milk. 

Your kid is also likely to experience constipation which is quite a common issue post-surgery. Use of anaesthesia and pain medicine leads to the cause of constipation. Hence it is suggested to provide plenty of liquid to your child after surgery. If there’s any problem with the bowel movement which takes more than 48 hours, then seek immediate help from doctors. 

If there’s a new problem after the surgery, is it possible to treat his hypospadias again?2020-08-29T11:48:28+00:00

Yes! It is possible to treat hypospadias again if the previous surgery fails to be successful. Though it is very rare. Many times, surgery is not the issue, in case of severe hypospadias, children need more surgery to fix the complications. Which most of them turn successful in the second round. 

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